Grand River

We believe that inspiring thriving community engagement is the key to enabling world class health care.

What is Care Never Stops?

It's the compelling local rally cry that inspires everyone in our community to help us ensure that we can deliver world class health care right here.

Why does it exist?

The Care Never Stops campaign exists to empower everyone in our community to celebrate our strongest aspects and build a better health care system together. We rally the community to contribute their time, money or voice to help ensure we all share an exceptional health care experience. We are committed to achieving our goal of raising $258 million by 2026 to help elevate care, attract top talent, adapt to changing patient volumes, and provide advanced care in state-of-the-art environements for patients and their families.

How do we ensure that care never stops?

Care Never Stops Campaign

The Areas of Care

 We want to ensure that your support of the hospital reflects your values, experiences and priorities. To make it easy for supporters of all kinds, we have created eight distinct Areas of Care.

Frequently Asked Questions