A healthcare worker walks down the hall at the Freeport Campus alongside an elderly patient with her hand on her back

Continuum of Care

Helping patients return to full health.

Grand River Hospital is made up of two main campuses: Kitchener-Waterloo and Freeport. At the Freeport Campus, patients receive support from a variety of disciplines to return to full health after illness or injury through our complex continuing care programs and services.

Donate to Continuum of Care

At Grand River, we provide ongoing, compassionate support through specialized treatment and care. This team of professionals works together to assess, treat, and monitor our patients living with or recovering from chronic and complex illnesses.

Our programs include:

  • geriatric assessment and neurobehavioural units
  • complex medical care and chronic ventilator/respirator care
  • restorative care
  • palliative care

When you support Continuum of Care, you are helping patients and families receive the care and support they need to have long-term health success once discharged.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike. Be a part of the Tools of Care campaign and help equip our incredible healthcare team with the right tools for their jobs. Your donation will go directly towards purchasing essential medical equipment, updating existing tools, and ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the latest advancements in technology.


Trevor Eaton
Director of Giving
Freeport Lead

A healthcare worker and patient at Freeport sit next to each other. The healthcare worker has her hand on the patient's back, and the patient is holding on to her walker, which sit in front of her.

Did You Know?

At Grand River Hospital, Continuum of Care programs focus on four key elements:

  • ✪ Helping aging and recovering people stay healthy
  • ✪ Caring for those with chronic and complex conditions requiring specialized services
  • ✪ Providing rehabilitation therapy after illness or injury
  • ✪ Offering palliative care to support patients and families through the end of life