Getting Started is Easy

Choose which type of Fundraiser you would like to run? Perhaps it is a run, a lemonade stand or a wedding. Anything can be a community fundraiser. See below for more examples.

Complete our online registration form by clicking here. We will set you up with a custom website within 24 hours and include a bunch of additional support such as a unique website link to share with friends (ex., notifications for any donation made to your event and support the day of if needed!

Share your fundraiser on social, via email, at work and start making a difference to bring worldclass health care to the community.

What's Included With Your Page?

● A customized URL (web address) you can share with family and friends
● A place to include photos and quotes from your loved one
● The ability to receive a notification any time someone donates to your page
● The ability to track total amount and number of donations directly on the page for all to see
● The ability to customize the messages on the donation receipts that are sent to supporters who make a donation to your page